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Malaysian Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (MSNMMI) established in 2014 with the following objectives:
  1. To establish and maintain an organization of medical practitioners, scientists and technologists of high standing with a common interest in the scientific and clinical disciplines concerned with the diagnostic, therapeutic and investigational use of radionuclides.
  2. To foster meetings of the organization for the purpose of communicating and discussing knowledge of Nuclear Medicine and the application of the same in better understanding and control of disease.
  3. To disseminate information concering Nuclear Medicine by sponsoring scientific and professional publications.
  4. To strive to better the welfare of mankind by maintaining and advancing the highest possible standards of education, research, and practice of Nuclear Medicine.
  5. To address in a timely manner socio-economic issues and government relations that may significantly effect the quality of education, research, and clinical practice in Nuclear Medicine.

2017-2019 Council

Dr. Lingeswaran Kasilingam

Dr Siti Zarina Amir bt Hassan
Immediate Past-President

Dr Fadzilah Hamzah
Vice President

Dr Thanuja Mahaletchumy

Ms Ng Yee Lian
Assistant Secretary

Mr Mohamad Nazarudin Wakiran

Council Members
Dr. Khor Phay Phay
Dr Mahayuddin Abdul Manap
Mr Muhammad Ludfi Abdul Samat
Mr Ahmad Bazli Ahmad Zikrileh
Dr Felix Xavier Sundram
Dato' Dr Mohamed Ali bin Abdul Khader
Dr Ng Chen Siew

Current Events

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2019 ANMB Examination

2019 ANMB (Asian Nuclear Medicine Board) examination will be held on May 9th (Thu), 2019 in Shanghai, China, during the AOCNMB 2019.

A physician who has successfully passed the exam is conferred the title of "Fellow of the Asian Nuclear Medicine Board" (FANMB).

Please refer to the page below to get more information about ANMB.

There are 2 groups for candidates as below.


Group 1: RCA Countries 1)

Group 2: AOFNMB Member 2)


Medical doctor whose age is 45 years or less at the time of examination 3)

Who has five or more years' experience in nuclear medicine practice

No age limits

Who has five or more years' experience in nuclear medicine practice

AOFNMB paid member 4)

Requirement (attached to the application form)


Publication list

Self-assessment essay

Recommendation letter of ASNM senate or president of national society


Copy of certificate of registration with the local medical council

Copy of passport


Publication list

Self-assessment essay

Abstract (encouraged but not mandatory)

Copy of certificate of registration with the local medical council

Copy of passport


Presentation at the AOCNMB 2019 after the examination

Presentation at the AOCNMB 2019 after the examination (if abstract is submitted)

Financial Support

1,000 USD grant for travel fee

1,000 USD grant for travel fee 5)

  1. As this award is supported by the RCA office the awardees are limited to those who are practicing in RCA government parties (Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Palau, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam).
  2. No duplication with Group 1.
  3. Application of doctors over 45 years of age will be accepted when application of younger doctors is absent or not qualified from the country.
  4. To be a paid member of AOFNMB, please apply for the membership here. (Click!)
  5. The Governing council of AOFNMB select ten successful applicants among Group 2.


Download the 2019 application form >> Download

Deadline: November 30th, 2018

Please send all required documents by e-mail: anmb.aofnmb@gmail.com

* List of ASNM senate: http://arccnm.org/asnm/senate_list.html


ANMB committee qualifies the applicants and makes notification of qualified candidates for sitting in the ANMB examination.


Multiple choice questions (MCQ)

Report Writing Session

Oral Examination: Clinical scenarios


Candidates who pass the examination award the certificate of FANMB (Fellow of Asian Nuclear Medicine Board). Fellows will pay $100 for the 5 years membership fee.


Deadline for Application

November 30th, 2018

Notification of eligible candidates

February 1st, 2019


May 9th, 2019

Abstract Presentation


Certificate Award

May 11th, 2019

* Detailed schedule for examination and presentation will be notified to the qualified candidates again.


Textbook for ANMB Examination, an English version of Chapter 12 and 13 in the “Textbook of Clinico-Radiological Technology, the 12th edition”, which was published in Japanese (Editors; Drs. Takahiro Kozuka, Seiya Inamura, Kazuya Yamashita, and Akimune Hayami) in 2010 by Nankodo, Tokyo, Japan.

Click here for link

MCQ Sample

Samples of the multiple choice questions and interview questions are uploaded at the ARCCNM/AOFNMB homepage: http://aofnmb.org/examination/

Download Application Form

Download Announcement