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MSNMMI Research Award was officially Launched by our president: A/P Dr Tan Teik Hin

20th August 2022 – MSNMMI proudly to launch our first ever MSNMMI Research Award 2022 for the best researchers of the year!

MSNMMI believes that the benefits of research could expand the depth of Nuclear Medicine knowledge. Hence, MSNMMI is optimistic that Malaysia has the capability to produce more researchers that are motivated to explore on something new and different in Nuclear Medicine, and this might be a game changer in Nuclear Medicine field in future.

FYI, the panelists of MSNMMI Research Award 2022 are consisting of multidisciplinary team members that came from different background locally in Malaysia.

So, do you have what it takes? What are you waiting for? Sign up now. Who knows this could be a jump stone for you to step even further in your career achievements! T&C applied.

Go to official MSNMMI Facebook page to register yourself today!

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